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Weekly Schedule

Week 1

  • Introduction to C-Language
  • Introduction of HTML4
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Frameset
  • Introduction of CSS
  • Achor tag ,Background & Border Properties
  • Introduction of CSS3
  • Introduction of JavaScript

Week 2

  • Achor tag ,Background & Border Properties
  • Introduction of CSS3
  • Animation and Menu bar
  • Image Gallery
  • Pratice day
  • Introduction of JavaScript
  • Introduction of Javscript
  • C programs by Javascript
  • Validation
  • Introduction of jquery
  • Toggle AND Jquery Slider

Week 3

  • Introduction of Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Carosel
  • Templats Creates
  • Projects Start
  • Introduction of Html5
  • SVG, Canvas ,Form
  • CorelDraw
  • PhotoShop

Week 4

  • Array Function
  • OOPS
  • Project Work

Week 5

  • Introduction to Sql
  • Bootstrap Carosel
  • Advance PHP
  • Ajax
  • Working with Mysql Admin
  • Sql Queries
  • Project Work

Week 6

  • CMS Start
  • Wordpress 4.3
  • Magneto 2.1
  • Project work


Networking is the practice of transporting of data between nodes through a shared medium in a system. Networking is not only the design or construction of network but also the management, maintenance and operation of the network. EME Technologies provides the best industrial training in NETWORKING; certification courses like CCNA are also available. Networking enables devices connected to local area network or to large network like WAN and is an essential function to services provider to share data or messages
There is a huge demand of CCNA, CCNP certified person in the industry one can come and join our 6 week/month training program and can learn new skills from industry professionals.

Why to join EME Technologies:

EME technologies is the best company in Chandigarh and Mohali providing best industrial training for 6 weeks/months in various technologies like JAVA, PHP, Python, Embedded, PLC , Android, Big data and many more. Student who enrolled with us will get best of our services like: Training from a development based organization, get chance to work with developers on live projects.
We provide free of cost English speaking, resume writing, interview preparation classes for our students.
We provide part time as well as full time job for students during training period.
Best infrastructure in Chandigarh and Mohali.
Motivational seminars are conducted for students as well as employees to motivate them which help them in achieving ones goal.
Positive and healthy environment for students, interns and employees.
Seminars and workshops are also conducted to keep them updated of new technologies.
Professional trainer takes responsibility and set goals for candidates, solves problems and increase work efficiency.
You may get projects like TCP, wireless, internet & routing, protocol GPS & GSM, Bluetooth and many projects to work on with highly trained industrialists.

Future Scope:

CISCO is the top company of networking in the world and having a certified exam CCNA. There is a huge demand of CCNA certified person in networking to handle out things.
Exams like CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are top rated exams of networking and person get high salary from 10 LPA to 30 LPA in due course of his job. There will be a huge demand of such experts in industry as the usage of internet is increasing day by day.


6 week| 3 months| 6 Months| 1 year stipend based above course will be customized according to duration and cost


Basic computer knowledge| R & D

Career Options

After completing your full course stipend or Job on behalf of performance during Training period

Project Work

Two project will be covered in the class and then individual projects will be assigned to students. As the project is desktop application and students will be asked to give professional Look, Feel and Functionality to applications.